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Actor’s Fund Social Media Career Panel

Come cheer me on at this panel discussion on Thursday, Oct. 24th.  I’ll be there along with Beverly Macy from Gravity Summit and James Lee of the Lee Strategy Group. 


Seeds of Education mural project


I helped get together a one-of-a-kind historic mural at my son’s school, La Ballona Elementary.  We got local muralists Ernesto Del La Rosa, Juan Carlos Munoz,Fabian Debera, Relic, Anna Siqueiros and more to participate through the Sisqueros Foundation of the Arts.  It was an incredible amount of work, 100 foot mural in two days of painting, one day of prep.  If you get a chance, let us know if you want to see it up close and personal.  

Here are some more pictures:




Arts Grant

Letters of interest are being accepted by the Surdna Foundation to “to help young people achieve their educational and career goals and catalyze change in their communities through art and culture. The program supports organizations that connect teens to artistically rigorous and culturally relevant programs that equip them with practical and life-enhancing skills and help prepare them to be creative and innovative leaders in their communities.”

Check it out, see if your organization qualifies.

The best workshops

The best workshops are the ones that go way off tangent.  I just came off doing a workshop about Podcasting and we never even got to how to produce a Podcast.  We quickly discovered that there was no need for the instructor to produce a podcast.  Why?  Step #2 of my workshop, Research.  Find out what is out there.  If it exists and is up to date, why reproduce?  In this case, it was a series on Psychology that was on Annenburg Leaner.  The rest of the workshop was spent showing how to embed the podcasts into the learning management system, in this case,  Etudes.