Some of the latest projects I’ve been working on:

The West ExpressWay









A new multi-media student success and support program for West Los Angeles College. Debuting soon, this is a huge project that is ongoing.

My production company, always something cooking

Film Foundry

YES on Prop 30 and YES on Prop 38 Social Media Campaign

I’m the chair of the Political Action Committee for United Parents of Culver City.  This election, we decided to join with the PTA to run a YES on Props 30 and 38 campaign.  We are using social media like Facebook to match your friends to the Voter Database.  It is an amazing project, if you would like more information, email

Digital Design Studio at West LA College

Digital Design StudioThe Digital Design Studio is a faculty resource created to facilitate the development, production and distribution of educational media content. We provide faculty with the technical and creative support necessary to expand new media and technology usage in the traditional classroom and digital environment. The Digital Design Studio serves as a centralized knowledge base to facilitate campus collaboration, to provide access to digital tools and to innovate practices for teaching and learning with technology.  Awarded $16,000 grant in June 2012.

iTunes U Channel for West LA College

Launched in September 2012, the iTunes U Channel is a great resource for students, faculty and college community.
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