All Things Kecken

Some things you need to know about me:

When I was ten, I had double vision for about a week.  This experience solidified my balanced view about life.  I”m always trying to see it both ways.

I’ve lived all over the place, Baltimore, Philadelphia, Oakland, Ithaca, Los Angeles.  I tend to move about every few years.  I can’t shake the nomad in me.  Let’s hope I stay in Culver City for awhile, I like it here.

I got to travel when I was young.  My first trip outside the country was to Jamaica when I was 16.  I went with my best friend and his Mom to a funeral.  I got to see the real countryside, where tourists rarely go. I was amazed by the beauty but awestruck by the poverty.  My eyes opened wide on that trip.  I came back with an empty suitcase because I gave away all my belongings.

I’m deadly allergic to conch.  In fact, I believe if I ever eat it again, I will die.

When I was 28, I left my job, my apartment, almost everything and went on a Native American prophecy walk called Sunbow 5: Walk for the Earth.  I walked from Baltimore to Santa Barbara.  It took me nine months to complete the journey.  You can read a daily account of the walk here.

Kecken’s Curriculum Vitae:

Master of Arts, Visual Anthropology – Temple University
Bachelor of Arts, Geography – University of Maryland Baltimore County


Academic Media Production Specialist June 2011 to present
West Los Angeles College
• Produce media content for curricula
• Train faculty, staff and students in the media production process
• Develop and manage online media presence through iTunes U
• Present media workshops for faculty development
• Coordinate and conduct video productions
• Provide technical expertise for college media productions

Instructional Media Technician February 2011 to June 2011
West Los Angeles College
• Instruct faculty to incorporate media into the curriculum
• Train faculty, staff and students in the use of media equipment
• Provide routine and preventative maintenance of media equipment
• Organize and maintain Instructional Media Center
• Research, recommend and create purchase orders for equipment
• Provide technical support for campus events
• Provide technical assistance in the preparation of instructional media materials

Instructor Summer 2008, 2009
School of Cinema and Performing Arts – Los Angeles
• Instructor of Screenwriting and Performance

Instructor June 2008 to June 2009
New York Film Academy – Los Angeles
• Instructor of Screenwriting

Assistant Professor of Film September 2001 to October 2008
Stevenson University (formerly Villa Julie College)
• Full-time Faculty in Department of Film, Video and Theatre
• Develop new curriculum to integrate the three disciplines
• Raise standard of content and production value in student projects
• Help expand the facilities and equipment resources
• Provide internships and employment opportunities
• Advise students with admission and registration requirements
• Provide leadership in department activities and student recruitment

Courses taught:
o Introduction to Film – Film Production – Advanced Film
o Field Production and Editing I and II (Digital Video)
o Advanced Video Production – Sponsored (Corporate) Video
o Documentary Theory – Directing
o Native Americans in Media – Senior Project: Film or Video

Film and Video Facilities Director September 2000 to September 2001
Stevenson University, Department of Film, Video and Theatre
• Administrate daily activities of media production facility
• Supervise and direct multiple employees
• Develop and maintain facility budget
• Order, purchase and maintain facility equipment

Media Associate October 1996 to November 1997
Cornell University, Dept. of Theatre, Film and Dance
• Provide technical support and videotape performances
• Design and install workstations
• Maintain inventory records, create FileMaker database
• Responsible for equipment distribution and maintenance

Visual Media Lab Coordinator October 1993 to August 1995
Adjunct Instructor of Film Fall 1994 – Spring 1995
Towson University, Department of Electronic Media and Film
• Manager of Film and Video production facility
• Supervise student employees
• Responsible for maintenance and repair of equipment
• Course taught – Introduction to Film

Media Specialist September 1990 to May 1992
Adjunct Instructor of Anthropology Summer 1991
Temple University, Anthropology Department
• Manage multi-media center
• Course taught – World Cultures


Director, Producer “Medicine Path”, Film Foundry (in production)

Director “Not for Attribution”, The Wire, Home Box Office

Director, Producer, Editor “Rising Tides of Freedom”, Comcast
• Documentary on Frederick Douglass and Isaac Myers

Director, Producer, Editor “Woman Hollering Creek”, Film Foundry
• Short film about young woman struggling to maintain her independence

Director, Producer, Camera, Editor “We Are Arabbers” Film Foundry
• Feature documentary on the last of the horse-cart produce vendors in the United States

Director, Producer “Louisville”, Film Foundry
• Short film about three generations of African American men

Vice President September 1997 to present
The Film Foundry
• Founding partner of media production company
• Develop and produce media services to clients
• Supervise and direct crew members for media productions
• Implement marketing and distribution strategies


“Directing Episode No. 53”The Wire: Truth be Told, Canon Gate

“Not for Attribution”, The Wire, Home Box Office – January 2008

“Rising Tides of Freedom”, Comcast Cable – February 2007

“We Are Arabbers”
• National Geographic Museum – February 2011
• Reginald G. Lewis Museum – October 2006
• Independent Black Film Festival – March 2006
• AFI Silver Theatre and Cultural Center – September 2005
• Creative Alliance – July 2005
• Maryland Film Festival – May 2005
• Villa Julie College – September 2004

“We Are Arabbers” – Photography and Art Gallery Installation
• Villa Julie College – September 2004

“Woman Hollering Creek”
• Martha’s Vineyard African American Film Festival – August 2005
• Annapolis Film Festival – November 2004
• Boston International Film and Video Festival – June 2004
• Maryland Film Festival – May 2004

• Screened at over 30 film festivals and locations including:
o Atlanta Film and Video Festival
o New Orleans Film and Video Festival
o Newport Beach Film Festival

• Aired on Cable and TV:
o BET and BET-J – Showtime
o PBS (San Diego and San Francisco) – Aspire Network


West Los Angeles College Foundation 2012
Digital Design Studio Grant

Best Maryland Film 2004
“Woman Hollering Creek” Annapolis Film Festival

Production Grant 1999
“We Are Arabbers ” Maryland State Arts Council

“Louisville” 1997-1999
Eleven film festival awards including:
• Best Short, New York Independent International Film Festival
• Lumiére Award, New Orleans Film and Video Festival
• Special Jury Award, Atlanta Film and Video Festival
• Audience Award, Louisville Film and Video Festival

Production Grant “We Are Arabbers” 1998, 1997
Maryland State Arts Council, Maryland Humanities Council

Production Grant “Louisville” 1997
Cornell Council for the Arts
Individual Artist Award for Filmmaking 1998
Maryland State Arts Council


Board Member
La Ballona Educational Partners Culver City, CA
Community Budget Advisory Committee Culver City Unified School District
La Ballona Elementary Site Council 2009 – 2011 Culver City, CA

United Parents of Culver City, Political Action Committee

La Ballona Education Partners, Culver City, CA

La Ballona Educational Partners Culver City, CA, 2010-2012

• Directors Guild of America
• Film Independent

Trustee 2005-2008
Creative Alliance Baltimore, MD
• Approve and monitor organizational activities and finances
• Implement strategic plan and mission
• Cultivate donors and membership
• Conduct outreach to community at large

Founder, Chair 2000-2005
Creative Alliance movie makers Baltimore, MD
• Founder of Film and Video program for arts organization
• Evaluate effectiveness and quality of film and video programs
• Develop and implement film and video programming
• Develop program budget
• Create educational workshops

RADAR Baltimore, MD
• Writer for regional arts and entertainment magazine

Curator 2000
Artscape Baltimore, MD
• Curator of film and video program for annual Baltimore arts festival

Artist in Education 1999-2000
Maryland State Arts Council


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